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Our Farms

What does it mean to Know Your Source? Two of the most important founding pillars of Blue 42 Organics are the principles of responsibility and sustainability. These two principles start at the source. We knew that if we didn't ensure that our source was exceptional and sustainable, no amount of eco-friendly methods in our supply chain would matter.

In order to bring the best to our customers, we had to start with the best genetics grown in the best soil, the best water, the best average weather conditions, and then we had to ensure that those elements were protected from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, impurities, and any other factor that led to anything but a 100% organic, sun-grown remedy.

The soil on our farms in the North Georgia Mountains, and market farms from Clayton to Cobbtown, Georgia to the front range of the Rockies to Southern Colorado are perfect for growing hemp, and it remains nutrient-rich through careful management and organic fertilization, like Hen manure from neighboring free range farms and plant material from previous crops.

Our water is straight from the heart of the North Georgia Mountains. Cold and clean, it provides sustenance for our crops straight from the earth, as opposed to filtered and treated municipal water.

Our hemp crops are sun-grown. Not only is this the most natural and organic way to grow, but it is also the most sustainable. Many operations rely on indoor grow spaces for their mass-produced crops, due to the ability to exert more control over growing conditions. However, the cannabis industry currently accounts for an alarming percentage of global electricity usage when compared to other agriculture. With the current boom in demand, this usage will only continue to rise. By raising our plants in the field, we are producing our full-spectrum CBD plant extracts with far less energy consumption.

As the legal landscape governing industrial hemp production continues to evolve from state to state, we aim to establish other organic farms in other states in order to bring new variety into our limited edition, small-batch product line. Our promise to our customers is that we will never cut corners in order to meet demand. We are proud that our products come from small organically grown hemp farms, and that will never change.