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Blue 42 0rganics Seed Company is releasing select Georgia grown high-yield feminized seed batches for the 2021 hemp season. Our hemp seeds can be started in the greenhouse about 28 days before field transplant date, or can be directly sown outside in appropriately prepared soil after the last frost.

  • All seeds are free of Y chromosomes, meaning more than 99% of mature plants will express only pistillate flowers.
  • All seed batches are tested for germination rates.

Feminized Seed prices:

  • 100 – 1000: $3.00 ea.
  • 1001 – 3000: $1.50 ea.
  • 3001– 100,000: $1.00 ea.
  • 100,001+: $0.80 ea.
  • Ready to plant seedlings are $4.20 per seedling, and will be available this spring.
  • Ready to plant clones are $3 to $4 per clone, and will be available this spring.

Our Belief 

Every plant starts as a seed. Large scale hemp production and small organic family farms are not possible without a consistent high-quality seed supply. We are honored and very fortunate to be partnered with Boulder Hemp who has been breeding seed lines in Northern Colorado since 2014, using traditional breeding approaches and cutting-edge plant genome analysis methods–making our partnership one of the most advanced hemp research and development programs in the world.

We are incredibly excited to bring you Georgia Grown Hemp Seed, Seedlings, & Clones


Georgia Department of Agriculture Hemp Grower License N0. 13 0483