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A limited edition collection by artist Phil Lewis

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We are incredibly excited and proud to bring you a limited edition, full-spectrum CBD oil collection called "FLOW" in partnership with talented artist Phil Lewis. Phil truly understands what it means to flow with the natural world around him, and he inspires us with his art. Blue 42 Organics is committed to honoring and preserving this wonderful planet in everything we do, from our sustainable practices to our give-back programs. Partnering with Phil Lewis Art on this collection is a great way for us to communicate this committment to our community. Thank you Phil, and THANK YOU to our incredible customers.



Modern technology, changing regulations, and financial investment have led to a new frontier in the scientific study of cannabis plant extracts. Blue 42 Organics is committed to furthering this new frontier through our partnership with industry-leading scientists and researchers. All of our authentically-American CBD products are carefully crafted in small batches using a science-driven approach, and tested by multiple independent labs for purity and potency.


The soul of Blue 42 Organics can be seen in our approach to everything we do to deliver premium CBD remedies to our customers. From finding environmentally-friendly packaging, developing a completely sustainable supply chain, to collaborating with purpose-driven partners, our team ensures that we never depart from who we are: a responsible company dedicated to the wellness of our customers and our planet.


Our farms are held to the highest standards of excellence and sustainability in the world. All of the hemp used in our CBD batches is grown in Boulder County, Colorado at an elevation of 4,995 feet above sea level, using strict organic cultivation practices. In an industry where demand is outpacing supply, our farms set the standard for producing a masterfully-crafted, 100% organic, small-batch product.


I really like the berry flavor. I can smell and taste the freshness! And I can feel the difference, Wow!

I have a special needs adult- daughter and had heard about the many benefits of CBD. We purchased a bottle of Blue 42 Organics and after about 3 weeks of use, it was like a light-switch in her had flipped. My daughter is a different person. She is more calm, she can make more complete sentences and has more patience. I can’t recommend this product enough. It will forever be in our home. It has been a life changer!

I’m a regular full-spectrum CBD consumer. I’ve tried like six brands and just after minutes of taking this one, it’s already my favorite by a long shot!

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